My story

Dan lewis

So, in 2010 I thought it would be a good idea to become a diving instructor, move abroad and live the high life. 

Well a diving instructor I became, and as for the other two ideas; living life to its extreme; home and abroad has definitely been the game.

From being dragged around the world to experience life as an unwritten book I most surely have realised that anything can happen and will happen. It opened up my mind that anything is possible, all you need is a little imagination and the resilience against judgement to fail. I find that I can’t keep still and feel every second an opportunity to experience something new.

Challenging myself gives me a sense of pleasure and fires my confidence. Feeling completely battered, drained, aching and on the verge of giving up is a really hard mental battle, but when you do break through and reach the end you’ll see that anything is possible with a positive drive to keep going.

Living for every minute is starting to become my life and my life is living every minute I can take. I’m not a rich man but I’m rich with experiences, memories and a loving family. Money can’t buy you those types of things, but you can start your own story yourself by leaving your front door.

I love teaching people and passing my knowledge on, so that others can learn and use what I have gained from experiences and mistakes to create their own paths of adventure. 

Life is not just about taking, but about giving back too. This world belongs to all of us, we should all make the effort to respect and look after everything on it.

I’m just trying to be a better me by getting the better out of you.