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Adventurer, Shark enthusiast, Conservationist, Endurance athlete


There’s so much opportunity to experience new things; you’ve just got to get out there. I live in South Wales and within a 40 mile radius there is so much to do and see it’s unbelievable, let alone what the rest of the world has to offer.

 What’s more unbelievable is most people don’t know what they have around them. So I say go and find out!

Getting out doors and experiencing new sights and taking part in activities isn’t just good for health, but a massive mental boost to your mood and confidence. I love nothing more than to get on my bike and just ride, taking turns whenever I feel like, to places I’ve never been. But you don’t need a bike… you have your legs. Let them take you somewhere new, somewhere that scares but excites you, somewhere that allows you to leave everything behind. Being outdoors and doing new things keeps your body active and your mind at rest. Everyone from time to time needs to relax and just switch off, life is full of distractions and problems which everyone faces but the outdoors doesn’t judge nor does it expect anything from you. Just your respect to leave it for others to see and enjoy for years to come.

My goal is to give you an insight in to what is out there home and away. Everyone has some sort of bucket list of things they would love to see and do, right?

Well instead of dreaming about doing those things, why not make a plan to start living them? We don’t have all the time in the world but if we fill that time with what the world has to offer then surely that bucket list will become a book?

I travel to experience and see new things but I under take endurance challenges which have never been done, to create awareness of things that need attention, like the depletion of our marine species, especially the exploitation of the shark species. I love nothing more in the world apart from my wife and that is to make a difference in what ever way possible. 

 Explore my adventures, join me on my challenges and Inspire to be your best self for you.”




Climbing the highest 17 summits of wales in under 24 hours

Summit2cycle wales

Cycling the circumference of Wales whilst climbing the Welsh 3 peaks self supported and camping

Shark Diving
South Africa

Traveling the beautiful country of South Africa while diving with the most graceful animals on the planet……….